History & Monuments

Alcossebre is the point of reunion for those who choose a quiet place to vacation and to enjoy different spaces.

There is proof of villages before the Christian era, but it was during this era when records show the birth of Alcossebre as a populated area. It was the Temple order, who in 1260 granted the village charter, which was not very successful as the area remained sparsely populated, a second charter was necessary in 1320, for the village to firmly establish itself, although this time, it was tied to the Xivert Castle, in 1583 it was included in ALCALÀ DE XIVERT, the town which it forms a part of at present.

The situation of Alcossebre brought about pirate attacks on various occasions, and this was the reason for building various watchtowers, of these only the Cap i Corb one remains standing today, it was built during the XV and XVI centuries.

Alcossebre was a small centre for fishermen and farmers of dry crops, until, thanks to the incredible beauty of its beaches, tourism became an important source of income.

It is famous for its beaches and coves. Alcossebre is a place where people come for peaceful holidays and different places to enjoy themselves.