Hermitage of Santa Lucia y Sant Benet - Hermitage of El Calvario - Hermitage of San Miguel

Votive to these saints, it stands high in the Sierra de Irta, with a height of 312 m. Most of its present structure seems to date it to the XVII century, but we know of some earlier structures, like the watchtower which could date it to the XVI century, at the back of the hermitage there are still some remains which form part of the whole group. The interior vault and paintings were restored by an unknown person, as well as the roof, accesses and new illumination, making it more accessible. On 13 December, the Sta. Lucia festival, there is a procession here by locals and visitors.

The hermitage can be reached by the El Pinar road or Malentivet path from Alcossebre, where there are views of Alcossebre beaches and urbanizations, the fertile valleys of Palava and Estopet and ALCALÀ DE XIVERT.

The construction of this Valencian baroque building was started a few years before the Parish Church, on 3 May 1727. However, it suffered an impasse in development, to be finally finished and blessed on 31st August 1779. It was built with a rectangular floor, having two projections at the front, which represent the home of the hermit and the vestry. It has a barrel vault and the exterior of the octagonal dome is pointed. The façade dates from 1751, having a door with a lintel, which is very simple, but for the wavy pediment and arabic cornice crowned by a small bell. The interior paintings include themes from the Old Testament and The Passion of Jesus. Lined with undred year old cypress trees, one of which was used to make the present image of Saint John the Baptist, at the top of the ALCALÀ bell-tower.

On the right hand side of the 'Camí del Riu' (the riverside path), 5 km from ALCALÀ, we find the traditional hermitage of San Miguel registered under the same name as the municipal area.

It has a rectangular floor with only one nave, and can be dated to the XVIII century. Educated sources tell us that until the beginning of this century, this was the site for a procession in September, in honour of the saint. After many years of disuse and abandonment, it has recently recovered that tradition, coinciding with celebrations of 'Moors and Christians' through the streets of ALCALÀ.

Located in Cap i Corb next to the coast, between the watchtower of the same name and a hamlet in the area. It was constructed on land belonging to D. Gabriel Ebrí Ebrí, the Presbyterian of Alcalà de Xivert in1773.

On 19 January, there is a mass and procession, instigated by the Presbyterian, and also celebrations on the second Sunday in August. The hermitage can be reached by the Atall path, which passes very close to the building, or by the Cap i Corb path.