The cuisine is characterized by Alcocebre be a sign of fidelity to its origins.

ALCALÀ DE XIVERT and its tourist area par excellence, Alcossebre, are rich in terms of gastronomy. The cuisine to be found in the centre of the town and the excellent tourist area, is characterized by being true to its origins, by looking for roots in the culinary history of the Mediterranean.

The menus in Alcossebre and ALCALÀ DE XIVERT restaurants have no shortage of shellfish dishes, grilled fish and "zarzuelas" (seafood casseroles); rice in all its forms, genuine Valencian paellas, meat, roast leg of lamb and also specialities typical of wood burning ovens, the culinary excellence has contributed to the renowned gastronomy of Alcossebre.

The most interesting dishes in local cuisine, are amongst others, Rostit and Tombet, the last being similar to lamb stew. Fish is a star product in local gastronomy, and one recommended dish is Suquet de Peix (a type of fish stew), cooked with tomatoes, onions and garlic fried together, potatoes, crushed garlic, fried bread and almonds. Another recipe is Andola, where everything is raw. It consists of, tomato, onion, garlic, parsley, bay leaves, cayenne pepper and olive oil. It is served on an earthenware dish. Pastries are based on almonds, for two reasons: local production and Arabic tradition. Look out for "Suspiros", "Almendrados" and the delicious "Coca Celestial", which really stand out amongst the wide variety of sweets available.