The museum displays the artwork parish saved the pillaging of 1936.

Opening times: hours of worship
Address: plaza de la iglesia s/n (the church square)
Telephone: 964 41 03 01

The parish museum, situated in the church itself, which exhibits all the rare artistic pieces saved from pillaging in 1936, was inaugurated in 1982. The old chapterhouse and archive house a small collection of silver and gold articles and paintings. Amongst the first group, there is an outstanding cross, used for processions, this was made by Agustín Roda (1636); two monstrances (one mannerist and the other from the end of the last century); a 'Lignum Crucis' reliquary from the XVII century, a San Benito baroque reliquary; two chalices, one is gothic, from the second half of the XV century, and the other is renaissance, from the beginning of the XVI century and the last is rococo, and came from Guatemala at the end of the XVIII century; pieces from the high altar in rococo style and other pieces for liturgical use.

The paintings include four canvasses of the old High Altarpiece 'The Baptism of Christ', 'The Martyrdom of the Baptist', 'The Annunciation', 'The Assumption', from the Espinosa school; the old organ doors 'David before King Saul' and 'King David strumming the harp?, signed by Vicente Guilló in 1692, 'The Communion of the Apostles' from the Ribalta school.There are also some ornaments conserved in the rooms, like the cloak of the Virgen de los Desamparados which is edged in gold and silver. All of this is exceptionally well exhibited, and is well worth a prolonged visit.

This building is renaissance in character, but due to its masonry, we could easily situate it at the end of the XV century. It is located in Virgen de los Desamparados street. It could have been the home of the Justice of the Peace, but we also know that it was a Chapterhouse for centuries. For some years, one of the rooms was used as a jail, and the space this occupied on the façade still has the original bars. At present, cultural activities and exhibitions are being developed in the building, such as the music school and public library which are housed here.