Alcossebre has beautiful beaches of thin sand and transparent waters.

From the north to the south, Alcossebre has five beautiful beaches, all of the fine sand and transparent water. Las Fuentes beach, with its curious fresh water springs. Followed by Carregador, Romana, Moro and Manyetes beaches with the distinction of holding the blue Flag. Furthermore Alcossebre has a large number of rocky, virgin coves, situated along the northern coastline, in the Ribamar area. In the south area, Cap I Corb, there is a coastal strip of boulders called Serradal beach.

Playa de las Fuentes
This beach is situated in Las Fuentes Urbanisation, next to Las Fuentes Port marina. Facilities include showers, duckboarding, Red Cross watch, pedaloes rental and basketball courts. A unique geological features takes place in Las Fuentes beach, where fresh water pours out of its sand.

Playa del Carregador
Located along the center of Alcossebre, this beach posseses a blue flag since the late 80’s.Facilities include a Red Cross watch service, showers, duckboarding, children’s recreational area, sun shades, Pedaloes rental and volley-ball nets.

Playa Romana
Separated by some suns from Playa Carregador, another Blue Flag waves on this beach. It has the same facilities as Playa Carregador, above described.

Playa del Moro
Located further south, this beach has also been awarded with a Blue Flag. Playa del Moro is named after the big rock which emerges out of the sea not far from its sand. On this beach you will find showers, duckboarding and a Red Cross watch.

Tres Playas
Consisting of three small coves of fine white sand, enclosed in a rocky contour which visually isolates them from its surroundings.

Playa Mañetes o Tropicana
Located within the Cap I Corb area and separated by some rock formations from Playa del Moro It also enjoys the Blue Flag status. Red Cross watch, duckboarding, sun shades, showers and volley-ball nets.